Our new dog blog, Paws for Thought

Allow me to introduce myself… I’m Charlie the Labrador and I live in the Sun Inn, in the centre of beautiful Kirkby Lonsdale. This is a great place for dogs and in my new series of blogs, I’m going to be telling you why!

Enjoying a walk in snowy Kirkby Lonsdale

It’s just as well I’m a sociable animal, as I regularly share my home with a variety of four legged friends because the Sun Inn is one of the most dog friendly places ever.

My humans – Iain and Jenny – love dogs and are happy to welcome them to our home as honoured guests (as long as they bring their humans!).

And there are no underdogs here as we’re even allowed in the Sun Inn’s beautiful bar where we can get hot under the collar by curling up in front of one of the two roaring fires.

Iain and Jenny also keep us supplied with complimentary doggy treats which are certainly not to be sniffed at (though they do smell yum!)

When it comes to walkies, there’s no better place than Cumbria and, of course, Kirkby Lonsdale in particular. The place is full of dogs and lampposts, so it’s all very aromatic.

I like to linger outside the bakery on Main Street for a long sniff. The smell of fish and chips on Jingling Lane takes some beating and one of my favourite aroma wafts from the award-winning butcher’s shop next door to the Sun Inn.

Though having said all that, the mouth-watering smells coming from the kitchen at our place are probably my ultimate favourite. It may well be a dog’s life for me but that kitchen aroma almost makes me want to be human.

Personally, I like my walkies to take in a mix of our quaint Main Street, a sniff around Ruskin’s View and then an amble alongside the River Lune. There are also great walkies in Cumbria generally which I’ll tell you about in a future blog.

They say every dog has his day but, honestly, every day in this neck of the woods is heavenly. You’d be barking mad not to pay us a visit.

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